You Must Read This

We won’t try to impress you with flash advertising, newly made up words and terminology – you will simply be impressed by the out-right performance of BARNAULammunition.

We challenge you to test our ammunition against any of the so-called big brand name ammunition and see for yourself; - BARNAUL ammunition will out-perform most commercially available (and even favourite home load) ammunition.

This is because BARNAUL looks for results, not advertising to sell. The results will speak for themselves.

You get all this performance at a fraction of the cost of other market brand ammunition

This IS NOT cheap ammunition – it is premium ammunition at an affordable price!

We are the sole New Zealand And Australian Importer
– we welcome trade enquiries.

Here you will find a selections of:

Centre fire hunting ammunition:


5.56 x 45 (.223Rem)
7.62 x 39 K43
7.62 x 51 NATO (.308 Win)
7.62 x 54 R (Russian)
7.62 x 63 (.30-06 Spring)

Pistol ammunition:


9 x 18 Makarov
9 x 19 Luger (9mm Parabellum)

Shotgun ammunition for hunting and security:


12ga x 70 Shot
12ga x 70 Solid Slug (Brenneke)

We also have Ballistic Charts for our ammunition and Kill Probability Tables reflecting bullet and cartridge selection for game at various ranges. These Ballistic Charts and Kill Probability Tables are provided for information and represent good faith opinion – as with all charts and tables; interpret with consideration and commonsense.

Reloading Components:

  • Unprimed cases
  • Primed Cases
  • Projectiles

For all calibres manufactured.


For full details of Barnaul Ammunition, Price Lists and Ordering, navigate to: