About Napier


Napier of London is dedicated to the manufacture of traditional quality sporting goods through a policy of innovation and the modern production techniques. Napier proudly innovates, never imitates. We develop and design excellence as standard”.

 Napier of London has been the proud supplier of the finest gun care products to the makers of best guns for over 2 decades.

Our association with Gunmakers, Guns Storage Specialists, Airgun Manufacturers and major shooting organisations has been key to the development of many of our proven gun care products. By working with them and sharing technical advances we can be sure to develop the right product to enhance performance and ensure long term reliability of these fine guns.

 Chosen by all leading Airgun manufacturers, the range of dedicated power products have been tested to the extreme.  

 Our commitment to excellence extends to all products in this catalogue, we continually strive to bring you the most advanced and effective new products available.

 Napier’s policy of development and improvement draws on feedback from trade and consumers, and we are always pleased to receive comments or suggestions from users of our products.